How did Merton Council Manage to build on a park?

2,122 people signed the petition against the discharge of Dundonald’s covenant; 480 objected to the planning permission (only 16 supported it); more than 800 were against the appropriation of public … Continue Reading →

Destruction of Dundonald Rec must STOP

The petition asking for Eric Pickles  to use his powers to reconsider the planning application is here: The petition calling for Merton Council to put the rest of the … Continue Reading →

Put Dundonald Rec into Trust

  Over 100 local residents visited Dundonald Rec on Saturday 27 September to support the call to put Dundonald Rec into a trust. A petition aimed at Council Leader, Stephen … Continue Reading →

Protect Dundonald Rec begin appeal with an injunction

PDR has applied for an injunction against Merton Council.  The Council has said it intends to sign a contract with a company to start building immediately on Dundonald Rec.  This … Continue Reading →

Council’s have Carte Blanche to build on public open space

A recent judgement from the High Court in the case of Dundonald Rec gives Local Authorities carte blanche to build on public parks and recreation grounds, against all local and … Continue Reading →


Success! High Court says ‘YES’ to Dundonald campaigners’ legal challenge

A major breakthrough for local residents in their legal challenge to Merton Council’s removal of public rights over 2,578m2 of Dundonald Recreation Ground was achieved in the High Court on … Continue Reading →


Environmental vandalism by Merton Council

A motion calling on Merton Council to reconsider their plans to construct a school building on Dundonald Rec was put to a full Council meeting last Wednesday. It attracted cross-party support yet … Continue Reading →

Olympic Legacy programme? Merton Council to prohibit tennis as it’s “inconvenient” for its plans for the Rec

According to the Wimbledon Guardian, Merton Council has removed and confiscated banners from Dundonald Tennis Club promoting their ‘Olympic Legacy’ programme. It is astonishing that such a successful initiative run by … Continue Reading →

No justification for building on public open space

Merton Council has always claimed that the need for school places outweighs the need for open space in Dundonald. Of course we need school places, but we have two “outstanding” … Continue Reading →